What To Fill Eggs With?

What to fill Easter eggs with for 1 year old?

20 Candy-Free Easter Egg Fillers for ToddlersHow cute is this little bunny.


Kids love money before ever understanding what money really is.

Barrettes, bows, hair clips, ponytail holders–any kind of hair accessory your little girl is currently rocking these days.

Little toy cars.

Sidewalk Chalk.

Miniature Playdough.

Miniature bubbles.More items…•.

What can I put in Easter eggs instead of candy?

40 small non-candy Easter egg fillers that can fit inside of a plastic egg! No candy included!Cheerios.Small Figurine.Mini Pretzels.Money.Glow Sticks (these will fit- you have to twist them and you may need a piece of tape to keep the egg from popping open, but it can be done!.. … Hair clips.Marbles.Erasers.More items…•

How do you do the Easter egg for a 2 year old?

How to Organise a Toddler-Tastic Easter Egg HuntDo a Weather Check. … Think Beyond the Chocolate. … Keep Fairness Tantrums at Bay. … Set the Boundaries & Be On Hand. … It’s About the Journey. … Make a Treasure Hunt of It. … Don’t Forget the Basket!

How many Easter eggs do you hide per child?

Typically between 15 and 20 eggs per person is a good number of eggs to prepare for an Easter egg hunt. If the hunt is with older children or if you want it to be a longer, more challenging activity, purchase more eggs to hide at the hunt. Fill the eggs with jelly beans, chocolate, coins, or any other small prizes.

What do you do during Easter egg hunt?

Follow these easy steps for pulling off a classic Easter egg hunt like a pro.Set the Date. Of course it’s traditional to have an Easter egg hunt on Easter Day, but it’s certainly not required. … Pick a Location. … Stock Up on Eggs. … Have Baskets, Buckets, and Pails at the Ready. … Hide the Eggs. … Ready, Set, Hunt. … Count the Eggs.

How do you hide Easter eggs outside?

Where To Hide Easter Eggs Outside: 12 Spots That’ll Stump Your Kids (But Not Too Much)In A Gardening Glove. Giphy. … In A Bicycle Basket. Giphy. … In The Barbecue Grill. Giphy. … In A Pile Of Rocks. Giphy. … In A Gutter Spout. Giphy. … Inside A Coiled Garden Hose. Giphy.

What to fill eggs with for toddlers?

Easter Egg Fillers for ToddlersRaisins.Peanut butter crackers.Pretzels.Animal crackers.Matchbox cars.

What do you put inside a golden egg?

25 Things to put in Easter Eggsmoney (coins, bills, whatever…)rings.necklaces.bracelets.earrings.stickers.erasers.puzzles pieces ( it will take a couple eggs, but when they find them all, they have a puzzle to put together)More items…

What can you put in Easter eggs for adults?

Candies are all well and good, but adults will really love searching for eggs filled with cash. You can have eggs filled with a few coins or bigger bills to keep things interesting. If just using cash seems a bit too boring for you, you should consider hiding gift cards instead.

Will Hot Wheels fit in Easter eggs?

Race cars – Matchbox or Hot Wheels fit inside eggs. Clips/rubber bands for girls – some pretty clips and/or rubber bands are a perfect Easter surprise.

Where do you hide Easter eggs in your house?

Whether you live in a condo, apartment, a landlord or a tenant, there are creative places you can hide the Easter eggs in your house.Stuffed Toys. … Mailbox. … Garden. … Shoes. … Toilet Paper Holder. … Inside a Fruit Basket. … Lampshade. … In a Cereal Box.More items…

What do adults do on Easter?

6 Ways to Celebrate Easter as an Adult. By Ally. … Cook Up Some Easter Omelettes. Eating an omelette is a great way to kick off the Easter holiday. … Prepare Vodka-Infused Peeps. … Have an Adult Egg Hunt. … Throw a Pastel Party. … Host a Dinner Party. … Hold an Egg Decorating Competition.

What do you put in Easter eggs for tweens?

Gum and Mints. Gum and mints are inexpensive Easter basket fillers for tweens and teens. These Hubba Bubbas are just the right size to fill an egg or scatter around the Easter basket (You get 72 of them!). These are also individually wrapped!

What candy can toddlers eat?

Soft candies are your safest bet when it comes to offering your toddler an occasional piece of candy. Chocolate-covered peppermint patties are one choice that you can cut into small pieces. Cotton candy is another type of candy that does not pose a choking hazard because it melts in your toddler’s mouth.

What can I put in my boyfriends Easter egg?

Include a chocolate bunny, peeps, jelly beans, a Reece’s egg, or whatever candy you want, then the rest is up to you. You can keep it strictly candy, or opt for a practical Easter basket and fill it with goodies that he might not buy himself, like some cologne, a new DVD, some headphones, shaving products, or gym gear.

How do you do the Easter egg for toddlers?

To put on a scavenger egg hunt, write out or draw a simple list of different types of eggs you’d like the children to find. For example, “3 Green Eggs, 4 Blue Eggs, and 1 Polka-Dot Egg.” Whoever finds all the eggs on their list first wins a prize. Make sure you have enough of each type of egg for each child.

What do you put in plastic eggs for a 1 year old?

Egg FillersBaby goldfish (my daughter loves baby goldfish)Cheerios.Gerber Puffs.Animal crackers.Small bubbles.Stickers (I got Sesame Street and Minnie Mouse)Race cars.Small action figures.More items…