What Is Retort Shape?

What is a retort oven?

A type of oven, a retort furnace creates a controlled atmosphere to apply extreme heat treatments to solidify products.

A separate chamber within this high-temperature furnace creates a controlled atmosphere to heat the product indirectly..

What’s another word for dissent?

SYNONYMS FOR dissent 4, 6 disagreement, dissatisfaction, opposition.

What is another word for respond?

SYNONYMS FOR respond 1 rejoin. 2 rise, react, reply.

Why is it called a retort stand?

The term retort comes by way of Middle French, but ultimately from Latin retortus, twisted back, for the shape of the neck.

What is the synonym for retort?

Some common synonyms of retort are answer, rejoinder, reply, and response.

What is a retort used for?

Retort, vessel used for distillation of substances that are placed inside and subjected to heat. The simple form of retort, used in some laboratories, is a glass or metal bulb having a long, curved spout through which the distillate may pass to enter a receiving vessel.

What reply means?

verb (used without object), re·plied, re·ply·ing. to make answer in words or writing; answer; respond: to reply to a question. to respond by some action, performance, etc.: to reply to the enemy’s fire. to return a sound; echo; resound.

What is come up time?

The come‐up time of a retort is the time required for the temperature of the retort to reach a preselected constant retort temperature after a heating medium is first turned on.

What is a counter?

A counter is a surface used for making transactions in a store or in a home kitchen for preparing food. In a store, you pay for items at the counter. When counter is a verb, it means “to speak up in opposition,” like when you counter your opponent’s argument in a debate.

What retort means?

transitive verb. 1 : to pay or hurl back : return retort an insult. 2a : to make a reply to. b : to say in reply. 3 : to answer (an argument) by a counter argument.

What is retort temperature?

Retort means any closed vessel or other equipment used for the thermal processing of foods. Typically the sterilization temperatures vary from 110 to 135°C.

How are retort pouches made?

A retort pouch is made up of plastic and metal foil laminate pouch, with 3 or 4 wide seals usually created by aseptic processing, allowing for the sterile packaging of a wide variety of drinks, that can range from water to fully cooked, thermo-stabilized meals such as ready-to-eat meal that can be eaten cold, warmed by …

How does retort work?

Retorts sterilize food after it is sealed in a container by steam or other heating methods. Typically, the sterilization temperatures vary from 230°F/110°C to 275°F/135°C. … Newer agitation retort processes have reduced cook times, resulting in energy savings and less degradation of the food quality.