Question: What Is The Maximum Size For A Level 5 Minced And Moist Food?

What are the 4 levels of the dysphagia diet?

The dysphagia diet has 4 levels of foods….The levels are:Level 1.

These are foods that are pureed or smooth, like pudding.

They need no chewing.

Level 2.

These are moist foods that need some chewing.

Level 3.

This includes soft-solid foods that need more chewing.

Level 4.

This level includes all foods..

What is a Level 5 diet?

5. General description: Food is soft, tender and moist. Needs very little chewing and no biting.

What is a Level 6 diet?

Soft, tender and moist throughout but with no separate thin liquid. • Bite-sized pieces (1.5 cm). Please note: In hospital this diet is called Level 6 Soft and bite-sized. If you are speaking to any staff- for example, a doctor or nurse- please refer to the diet as Level 6 Soft and bite sized.

What is the correct particle size for a Level 5 minced and moist diet?

Level 5 – Minced and Moist Can be scooped and shaped on a plate. Soft and moist with no separate thin liquid. Small lumps visible within food (Paediatric= 2mm lump size, Adult = 4mm lump size)

What is a minced moist diet?

What is a minced and moist diet? Minced and moist diet foods are any of the foods on the pureed diet plus meats and vegetables that have been cut up or minced into very small pieces. This diet is comparable to minced. The pieces should only be 1/8 inch in size or smaller.